Just out in 2014 from MIT Press.

“If we are going to reach minority kids in our schools, we need to empower them to be creative and thoughtful, much as the Digital Youth Network is doing. Their research demonstrates how it is possible to measure student growth in creativity and engagement that standardized tests ignore. The book shows the way to transforming education in America.” 

—Allan Collins, Professor Emeritus of Learning Sciences, Northwestern University, and co-author of Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology: The Digital Revolution and Schooling in America

Our work focuses on the dynamics of collaborative and interest-driven learning in the service of creating more equitable opportunities for children and their families across schools, community organizations and homes. We carry out empirical studies to advance our understanding of the dynamics of learning across time and setting with a special focus on the role of networked technologies and learning partners. Current projects focus on digital media creation as a catalyst for social agency, networked resources for families with young children, inquiry through citizen science, and forms and sources of variability in collaborative efforts. We use a range of methods to address these questions including ethnographic studies of innovative learning environments, longitudinal and biographical methods, and video-analysis of collaborative interactions.

Our research is supported by an NSF Cyberlearning grant (REC-1124568) and the LIFE Science of Learning Center (Learning in Informal and Formal Environments), an NSF funded (REC-354453) effort seeking to understand and advance human learning through a simultaneous focus on implicit, informal and formal learning, thus cultivating generalizable interdisciplinary theories that can guide the design of effective new technologies and learning environments. Support has also been offered by the Macarthur Foundation, a five-year National Science Foundation1 (NSF)-sponsored CAREER award (REC-238524) to Barron, the Oracle Education Foundation, the Iris Litt Foundation, and the Wallenberg Foundation, and the International Education Collaborative Foundation. 


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